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React native or Swift which one is best for individual iPhone Apps Development?

This article is targeting for the individual developer and not a hybrid development vs native or not developing to the both the platform.

When to use Swift ?

  • Native core functionalities usage like ARKit, ML kit etc.
  • When App is not having much UI work, Only background work is more.
  • App is not a form based App.
  • When you are targeting only iOS apps.

Benefits of swiftFaster, Easy to code, Easy to learn, More native APIs support.

Cons: Complex UI takes more time, Customisation of the UI is not very easy & No Hot reloading feature.

When to use React Native

  • Form based App.
  • Only UI is the major part.
  • Frequent changes of the UI.

Benefits of react native: Faster UI Development, Easy to code, Works for both iOS and android, Hot reloading is there, UI can be updated Remotely.

Cons: Even-though it executes native components. not faster as swift, No all native APIs supports, Need to depend on third party frameworks and libraries.

Conclusion : So it depends upon the type of the project you are gonna build, both holds good in respective way.

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