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Online Code Editor

Best Online JavaScript Editors

These are the basic advantages of using online JavaScript editor: Allows web developers to instantly write and test JavaScript code. Easy to save, update and share your code. Makes Learning Easy – you quickly learn the new concepts and experiment them online. CodePen CodePen is

JavaScript Charts

Top Free and Open Source JavaScript Libraries

As we all know JavaScript is becoming so popular day-by-day and used almost in all the spaces. A beautiful JavaScript chart would be the best way to visualize data in the form of beautiful, easy to understand, interactivity. They make it easier to extract and convey


Disadvantages or limitations of JavaScript

JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic and interpreted programming language. It has been standardized in the ECMAScript language specification. It is very lightweight and designed for creating network-centric applications. JavaScript is very easy to implement as well as to learn. It is open and cross-platform. It


Select a dropdown option based on value using jQuery

You can achieve this using either a simplest way or by the index of the dropdown option. Example: You have a select drop-down as shown below. <select id=”my-dropdown”> <option value=”0″>Please Select</option> <option value=”ui”>UI Designer</option> <option value=”ux”>UI/UX Developer</option> <option value=”php”>PHP Programmer</option> </select> and you want to

CDATA - Character Data

Use of CDATA within a Script and Style Tag

The term CDATA, meaning character data, is used for distinct, but related, purposes in the markup languages SGML and XML. The term indicates that a certain portion of the document is general character data, rather than non-character data or character data with a more specific,

Progressive Enhancement and Graceful Degradation

Progressive Enhancement and Graceful Degradation

Progressive enhancement is a strategy for web design that emphasizes accessibility, semantic HTML markup, and external stylesheet and scripting technologies. Progressive enhancement uses web technologies in a layered fashion that allows everyone to access the basic content and functionality of a web page, using any

Top JavaScript Documentation Generators

Top JavaScript Documentation Generators

Recently, I developed a JavaScript project and somehow I was not able to maintain the documentation due to tight schedules and of-course lack of timely inputs, which mostly happens to a developer all the time. After completion of the project the document and code was

Cross-origin resource sharing

JSONP and it’s usages

JSONP or “JSON with padding” is a communication technique used in JavaScript programs running in web browsers to request data from a server in a different domain, something prohibited by typical web browsers because of the same-origin policy. Wikipedia The format JSON is a very lightweight

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